Welcome to my page

Greetings my brethren.

May the peace of the Lord Jesus be with you all amen.

I created this blog to share my past and present journey to you as a born-again Christian but above all to encourage you to believe and have faith in all that you do.

As a Christian, I am here to share the knowledge of GOD and His Word, the Bible, and teachings and messages shared from Christians and great men of God. I was lost and lived in sin until Christ found me, and by His love and grace, I am now a new creation in Christ Jesus (see 2 Corinthians 5:17).

Therefore I thank the LORD for the grace and privilege to be able to share and encourage my dear readers who crave for the knowledge of the truth in CHRIST. (See Hosea 4:6) The world will lie to you and preach about material gains to you but a true follower of Christ will seek to help you redeem and save your soul from eternal damnation in hell.

(See Revelation 20:10-15).

JESUS loves you, dear readers! (See John 3:16-36).

Head to the post page and feel free to drop me a comment.

Have a blessed day hugs


Not Sight But Faith

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